Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Small Group?

Small Groups are groups of 10-14 friends (or 5-7 couples) who consistently gather together for meals, study, prayer, social events and serving others. They are designed to be the primary place where we practice and grow as followers of Jesus Christ.

Why should someone be a part of a Small Group?

Small Groups allow people to develop relationships, study the Bible and grow both personally and spiritually. These gatherings provide a safe environment for learning about the Christian faith and putting faith into practice. Participating in a Small Group not only connects people together but also provides a place where your spiritual life can flourish and care for one another can be experienced.

How does MVPC do it?

Our small group meetings are broken down into three sessions (fall, winter, spring) where groups meet weekly for 6-8 weeks and study content that relates to the sermon that was preached on Sunday. This allows for more in-depth study and discussion around the sermon topics. In between these sessions groups get together to serve and fellowship through dinners, group outings and other events.

When are groups meeting this year?


  • Fall, late September thru November
  • Winter, late January thru March
  • Spring, late April thru early June

The MVPC Small Group ministry is guided by these core values:
Open Invitation - Be Inviting
  • Offering everyone a sense of belonging.
Discipleship - Be Intentional
  • Helping Small Group members take their next step in following Jesus.
Genuine Friendships - Be Supportive
  • Stepping up for friends who matter in our disconnected world.
Shared Mission - Be Engaging
  • Discovering why God has called together the group and engaging that mission.
Commitment - Be Devoted
  • Devoting to the priority of group life and the Small Group ministry vision.

What kind of Small Groups exist?

MVPC has groups for people at all stages of life including young adults, young families, families with kids in elementary and high school as well as groups for "empty nesters" and seniors. We also have men's groups and women's bible studies.

When and where do Small Groups meet?

Most groups meet weekly for 6-8 week sessions in a group member's home.

What about childcare for Small Group meetings?

Each group determines it's own approach to childcare, but partial reimbursement for group or individual childcare is available for families. You can find further information here.

What is the format of a Small Group?

Though each group will differ in how they arrange the parts, group times consist of social time (possible meal or other snack/dessert), group discussion and prayer. The study time is focused on content related to the week's sermon.

What is the length of a Small Group gathering?

Groups typically meet for 1 1/2 to 2 hours.