Questions and Answers

What is the search process, and how long will this take?
Before all things, we believe the search for our new pastor begins with prayer. We understand that this season is intended for us to become more and more dependent on the guidance and will of God. We have already been on this path for over a year, as our Transition Team has completed a church wide survey, and compiled the results into our “Mission Study”[link]. This is a snapshot of who we are as a church now, and where we want to go in the future. They have nominated and we have elected our Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) [learn more about them here]. The PNC began their work in January 2017, and will continue to meet weekly until the process is complete. Their first task will be to prepare the Church Information Form (CIF), which is the “job description” for our Senior Pastor position. Once approved by Session, the PNC can then begin posting the job description and the search for candidates begins. The PNC will then work to narrow down the list of candidates to a few, and ultimately to just one. This segment of the overall search process is the most unpredictable, and potentially time consuming. Some churches complete this period in 2 months; others take a year. Our goal is to complete the process by the end of the year, but we submit to God’s timing, and not ours. Confidentiality is of the utmost importance throughout this process, therefore we will not be sharing the names of the candidates.
How will the position be advertised?
We will utilize a variety of online church and seminary job boards as well as networking within the Christian and ECO communities.
What criteria will be used to evaluate candidates for the senior pastor position?
The PNC will develop criteria based on the results of the congregational survey, the Mission Study, and interviews with core staff.
Since we are now under ECO, how do we select our next senior pastor?
The PNC will interview the applicants via phone, skype and/or potentially in person. In addition, the PNC will review hours of sermons online. Final candidates will be invited to the area along with their spouse to spend a weekend with members of the PNC, staff and session. During their visit to the Northwest, they will preach at an undisclosed church, where the PNC can observe them in person. The final candidate will then preach at MVPC, and after their sermon, a congregational meeting will be held to vote for our next senior pastor.
Are we working with an outside consultant to guide us through the process?
Yes we are working with Tom Dabasinskas. Tom is currently an Adult Pastor at Highlands Community Church in Renton, WA and he has worked with several Presbyterian churches with their transition and pastor searches.
What is Pastor David’s role/involvement in the selection process?
Pastor David is a covenant partner and provided his input via the survey assessment like the rest of us. He is also a voting member of session. However, he is not part of the Transition Team and will not be part of the PNC.
How will we know what is going on with the process?
The PNC will communicate with the congregation to the best of our ability. The PNC is committed to keeping the congregation informed about the search process. We will provide information via this website, announcements in the church bulletin, a blog updated monthly on this website and also made available as a printed “PNC update sheet” at the connection center, and announcements during Sunday services.
What is my role?
We ask that you join us in prayer – on your own, in your small groups, or with others from MVPC who gather to pray before each service on Sunday morning. Once the final candidate is selected by the PNC, you will have the opportunity to hear them preach and to participate in a congregational vote after the sermon.
If I know of a potential candidate, who should I contact at MVPC?
Natasha Valach -