Prayer Prompts

Next Pastor and Family

Pray for our next pastor. They don't know yet, but sometime soon he or she will become aware of God's plan for their life. Pray for the pastor's family; that they would hear God’s call on their lives as well.


Pray that our faith community would unite around core values , and that our church unity would remain strong and serve as a witness to God's goodness.



As a church body, pray for our journey, to calm anxious hearts and providde peace in the midst of change.



For the PNC, please pray that God will direct our steps, guide our path and provide wisdom throughout the selection process.


Church Leadership 

Pray for the staff and elders and other leadership of MVPC during this time of transition.


 Pastor David and Nancy Diehl

Pray for peace and happy anticipation for our Pastor and his family as they prepare for this major change in their lives. Help them to know how appreciated they are by our church family.