MVPC Mission Study


This Mission Study was developed by the Pastoral Transition Team of Maple Valley Presbyterian Church (MVPC) and approved by the Session. Its purpose is to clearly communicate the vision for MVPC, acknowledging and celebrating our past and present, while looking forward to what our focus should be as we seek out a new Senior Pastor.
The Pastoral Transition Team was appointed by the Session in March 2015 to develop the plan for the replacement of our retiring Senior Pastor in 2017. The plan was to include a framework for working through the entire transition process leading up to the selection and hiring of a Senior Pastor; this encompassed the development of a Mission Study, nomination of a Pastoral Nominating Committee (PNC), subsequent oversight of the PNC effort, and effective communication with the congregation throughout the process.
The transition team has invested a significant amount of time together seeking and listening for God’s plan and voice throughout the development of the Mission Study. We have sought wise godly counsel from our Senior Pastor, core staff, Session, the congregation and others. Pastor Tom Dabasinskas, currently on the pastoral staff at Highlands Community Church, was retained to provide counsel, training and process support to the transition team for the activity.
An all-church survey was conducted in June 2016 to obtain congregational input. This input was reviewed and follow up discussions were held with staff, Session and, in some cases, focus groups to ensure an understanding of the information and allow us to better discern the congregation’s interests and desires.
We believe God has spoken through these processes. We pray that God uses this work to further His kingdom in our community and around the world.
The team: Natasha Valach – Chair, Amy Thompson, Dick Quinn, and Joel Wright

To read the entire document, MVPC Mission Study