The Mission is God's Mission.  The Good News is from Him.

  • This Good News was first announced to Abraham when he was told that all the peoples of the earth would be blessed through him.
  • This Good News was confirmed to David when he foresaw every people worshiping God.
  • This Good News was Jesus’ imperative, instructing His disciples, “Go to the people of all nations and make them my disciples…”
  • This Good News animated Paul. He was determined to tell it where people had “… never heard about Christ.”

What is MVPC's part in supporting missions?

That is the prayerful challenge to each of us. God calls us to bring salvation to the "outermost parts of the earth." So, in response to this calling while in the midst of our busy lives, we ask, "What can I do?" or "How can I help?" Answers to these questions can be found right here at MVPC.

Here are several great ways to support missions through MVPC.

  • Pray for the missionaries and organizations around the world.
  • Communicate with our missionaries.
  • Help with mission projects and events.
  • Go as the actual "laborers into His harvest," by joining us on a mission trip.
  • Designate part of your offering to MVPC Missions by noting "Missions" on the memo line of your check or when giving on-line.
In order to ensure compliance with federal tax regulations, all donations designated with a particular missionary name, rather than “missions” in the memo line of the check, will become part of MVPC’s committed annual expenditure for that missionary, and in the event that the donation is in excess of MVPC’s committed annual expenditure, the donation will become part of the discretionary fund for missions.

Thanks for your support of MVPC missions!

Click here for a short-term mission application.
Click here for a long-term mission application.