Gen to Gen

“Generation To Generation” or “Gen To Gen,” is a campaign to celebrate the legacy of God’s work in and through Maple Valley Presbyterian Church over the last 30 years, and an opportunity to practically and tangibly prepare ourselves for another incredible season of ministry.


Why are we doing this?

We’re doing this because there are people in the greater Maple Valley area that do not know Jesus and we believe God has called us to reach them through effective contextual ministry. We also believe that there are people around the world that need to hear the gospel and we want to more significantly support mission work that brings the gospel to these people groups.

This means we need to have a facility that helps to facilitate effective ministry within our context of southeast king county for years to come.

It also means freeing up financial resources for both local and international ministry and mission work.

How will the campaign work?

  • Generation To Generation is a three year, multi-phased pledge campaign. Pledges may be made in a way that works best for you. That may mean your completed pledge up front, or it might come in annual, quarterly or monthly payments.
  • For each dollar raised to refresh the building, a dollar will be put towards retirement of the church’s building debt.
  • Each of the three phases of this campaign include both a building refresh component and a debt retirement component. Both aspects of each phase will be completed before we move on to the next phase.

This is an opportunity for us all to collectively invest in the next generation of ministry at MVPC.

If you would like to contribute, pick up a pledge card at the Connection Center on Sunday or the MVPC office during the week. All contributions to this campaign need to be designated for this project, ie. “generation to generation” or “Gen to Gen.” This will ensure your contributions go to this project specifically.

Please make checks out to MVPC with "Gen to Gen" in the memo line of your check, or in the description text box of our on-line donation page.


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Phase Overview


Gen to Gen Update

May 2016

We are deep in the plannings stages for refreshing the foyer and sanctuary, as well as painting the exterior of the upper levels. As we continue in this process, know how grateful we are for your generosity and deep desire to see MVPC effectively engage in ministry in the Maple Valley community. 

March 2016

MVPC, we just completed the first floor bathroom renovation and are thrilled with the results. We will be adding some great new changing tables in both bathrooms and that will essentially be the final aspect of this project. Thank you so much for your financial contributions and prayers as we continue to move forward with Gen to Gen.
We are already working towards a busy summer refreshing the foyer and sanctuary and while that will create some inconveniences this summer, it will provide us with very inviting and functional ministry spaces for years to come.
  • How much has been pledged? – 1,058,988.00
  • How much has come in? – 540,777.40
  • How much interest have we saved? $200,000.00
  • How much do we still need (based on the original $2 million goal)? 941,012.00 
Thank you for your generosity!

February 2016

Thank you MVPC for your continued generosity. We have begun work on renovating the first floor bathrooms and as a result they will be out of commission for the month of February. As we move forward, we will begin planning for the renovation of the foyer and sanctuary, beginning this summer if funds allow. Thank you again for investing in the ministry of MVPC!

October 2015

We have nearly completed our first Gen to Gen project, the re-siding and exterior painting of the first floor. The building team is now evaluating which portion of phase one to tackle next. This decision is being made based on available funds as well as the logical sequence and timing for completing the next projects on the list. It is most likely that the next project will begin in January as we want to avoid having our ministry space in disarray during the holidays. Thank you so much for your generosity. It is because of your giving that we are able to make these building improvements and pay down the debt on the building.