MVPC's Budget


This chart displays how our current budget is distributed.

The process for establishing MVPC's budget is not only about dollars and cents. It is mainly about evaluating our priorities and making sure that we are investing our resources in the areas we feel God has called us to minister in our community.
  • Based on historical data and current conditions, the session determines the expected income for the next year.
  • Each ministry department proposes a budget based on the guideline from the session and submits it to the Budget Committee.
  • The Budget Committee reviews the proposed ministries budget and makes revisions as needed.
  • Proposed budgets are returned to each ministry department for adjustments if needed.
  • Session reviews and approves the finalized budget.
  • Our Deacon and Mission budgets are funded exclusively through designated giving. If you would like to donate to the Deacon or Mission funds, please note that on the memo line of your check or choose that fund on the online giving page.
If you would like more information on the details of MVPC’s operating budget, please send your request to Liann Holt, MVPC's Business Director.